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Neck Pain & Headaches Relief

Ron H.
I arrived at Atlas Physical Therapy with an injury to my right lower back from a fall that occurred 3 years ago and had flared up 7 months ago. Since my physical therapy, I am currently able to rise from the bed and sitting positions on my own and get into the SUV, all with no pain.
Kevin B.
I came to Atlas for the free Seminar to learn if I could manage or eliminate my pain and stiffness. I had trouble sitting/driving and had difficulty moving after returning home from my job. The staff did wonders to return my flexibility - and greatly decreased the amount of discomfort and pain I was experiencing daily.
Ryan D.
Before starting my PT at Atlas, I must admit I was skeptical. I could barely walk; I couldn’t lift anything; and I even had trouble lying down. I was sure that I was on the fast track to having back surgery at age 23. Instead, the exact opposite happened. With Megan’s help, and the exercises she recommended, I am able to do everything that I could not do pre-PT, and with no pain. Now I feel better than ever.
Drew T.
My experience with Atlas has been remarkable. Things that I used to do and could not do, I am now able to do. As one example, I came in with back spasms and thought that I could not do physical therapy. But, after Laura worked with me for 1 ½ hours, I walked out feeling great.
Alfredo C.
I came to Atlas due to a back injury. I couldn’t even walk. Through a lot of patience, care and dedication, Laura had me walking again.

Your neck is one of the most complex bundles of bones, nerves, and muscles in your entire body. In fact, your neck is the site of a series of nerves that control every facial and head movement you make as well as all sensation below your shoulders. It’s no wonder why neck pain and any resulting headaches are cause for concern, especially when you cannot immediately identify their cause. Whether your neck pain is chronic or acute, sharp or dull, caused by injury or originating from an unknown cause, one fact remains. It cannot be ignored. To begin uncovering the source of your pain and addressing its resolution, contact our office today.

What Causes Pain in The Neck?

Your head is connected to your spine through a series of nerves and muscles and two tiny bones called the atlas and axis. The way these bones move together determines your head’s ability to move up and down or side to side. Tendons and ligaments add stability to your neck while muscles alternately tense and relax to allow for it to move. Tension, injury, poor posture or stress can cause pain to develop in your neck. The most important step to treating your pain with physical therapy is to identify its cause.

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash, as from a car accident or similar injury
  • Poor posture
  • Repeated motion
  • Tension build-up
  • Torticollis
  • Back injury

How are Neck Pain and Headaches Related?

Since the neck is home to the cervical plexus, eight spinal nerves that branch into the cerebral column, pain that starts in the neck will often travel to the shoulders, back, and head. This is the biggest reason why neck pain is commonly associated with headaches of all types including migraines. In some cases, chronic headaches may be caused by neck pain and vice versa. In these circumstances, physical therapy to address neck pain can resolve frequent and severe headaches. Likewise, physical therapy to address headaches may help resolve neck pain as well.

How Physical Therapy Helps Neck Pain and Headaches

Most of the time, your first thought for treating a headache or pain in your neck isn’t physical therapy. You may first try pain-relieving medications, massage, or even changing the way you sit or work. However, chronic headaches are often an indicator of a much bigger problem than what you can fix on your own.

A physical therapist is a musculoskeletal expert that has an arsenal of weapons to help you address neck pain and headaches. Through targeted exercise, a physical therapist can help you improve your strength and flexibility. In many cases, these exercises are more effective at treating neck pain than prescription pain medication.

Physical therapy typically includes hands-on treatment to reduce tension in the muscles in your neck and relieve aches and pains. A good physical therapist will feel how the bones in your neck are moving and mobilize where you are stuck. Treatment may include trigger point therapy or dry needling, massage, cranio-sacral therapy, electrical stimulation or Class IV laser therapy to ease your pain.

No one needs to suffer from neck pain long term. Whether you have acute or chronic headaches or dull or sharp neck pain, now is the time to have it addressed. The sooner you see a physical therapist, the sooner you can start on the road to recovery. Don’t let neck pain stop you for another day. Get neck pain relief with physical therapy.  Contact us for an appointment or visit our center at Glen Burnie, MD