Atlas Physical Therapy Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

  • scott B

    I came to Atlas after being told by an OD that the vertebrae in my neck were pressing on each other and pinching a nerve, causing shocks of pain down my arm. I also had near constant burning pain in my neck and shoulders. After treatment at Atlas, I’ve had no shocks of pain and the burning pain, as well as most of the tension, has gone. I sleep better, function better, and for the first time in my life, I stand up straight. I feel better physically, and I feel better about myself.

    Scott B.

  • Alison B

    Before I started PT here at Atlas, I was extremely limited in the everyday activities I could do for myself and my family because of my shoulder pain. These activities were as small as grabbing a plate from the cabinet, to washing my hair. The hardest part was not being able to even pick up my 2-year-old son or swing him around like he loves. But after the wonderful care of everyone at Atlas, and the home exercises they taught me to embed into my daily life, I can have my normal life back, holding my son, playing with him as much as he wants, and taking care of myself and my whole family. Thank you Atlas Physical Therapy.

    Alison B.

  • Catherine W

    Gardening stirred up the back and the leg pain I’ve had for years, so I tried therapy with Atlas. After 2 months, I’m working in the yard, quit the Oxycontin, and my back and legs are so much better!

    Catherine W.

  • Natalie B

    My experience here was incredible. When I showed up I could barely turn my head to the left. My neck hurt 24/7, and it was starting to destroy what little sleep I could get. My right shoulder was permanently hiked up around my ear and I could no longer raise or relax the arm correctly. All of this made driving, sleeping, sitting, even existing, really horrible. Working on the exercises here and learning what would help (instead of hinder) was life changing. At one time, I didn’t remember life without moderate, unending neck/shoulder pain. Now, I’m rock climbing (badly, but improving!) once a week. I can run again, and my commute no longer ends with me wishing to commit hideous acts of violence. This has changed my life. I 100% recommend.

    Natalie B.

  • Ron H

    I arrived at Atlas Physical Therapy with an injury to my right lower back from a fall that occurred 3 years ago and had flared up 7 months ago. I thought it would heal on its own but after 5 months, it had gradually gotten worse to where my wife had to pull me up from my bed and anything I sat on, including the potty (still embarrassing after 47 years of marriage). Also, getting into my SUV and sliding sideways caused me a stabbing pain. I used this as a yardstick to check my progress. My physical therapy ran from May 10th to July 10th, 3 times a week. I am currently able to rise from the bed and sitting positions on my own and get into the SUV, all with no pain.

    Ron H.

  • Patricia K

    Finding my way to Atlas PT has been a blessing! Everyone is courteous and mindful of all my issues and my deafness. I was unable to walk without crying or actually vomiting from the pain. Now, after just a month, I’m able to walk and rise from a seated position without pain. I’ve incorporated all the exercises to help me achieve this into my daily routine and have been supported by everyone here! I’m sitting here today very grateful and joyful to have experienced Atlas PT.

    Patricia K.

  • Ron C

    Walking in forward motion was difficult with no strength in my legs. Stair climbing was painful on the right knee when lifting myself up the stairs. Today I can walk forward, almost normally, to a distance of three blocks or around a football field without sitting to rest. I have leg strength to climb 10 to 20 stairs without having to stop and rest, and I feel better daily when I use the step-by-step instructions on my Atlas physical therapy cards.

    Ronald C.

  • Vicki J

    My experience at Atlas was most rewarding. My therapist was very attentive to the pain I was having in my knee. After just having a hip replacement I was now looking at a possible knee replacement. After 2 months of therapy I was pain free thanks to the excellent exercise regiment I learned from Sam. I will certainly recommend my therapist to my friends and family.

    Vicki J.

  • Stacie P

    My experience here was amazing. Before coming, I was dizzy 24/7 and had moments where the room was spinning. I had no balance, and I had migraines everyday. Now I can look up, down, side to side, and be fine! No room spinning and no migraines. Every time I came in with a headache and got needled, the headache was gone. I now feel like I have more muscle movement as well. I feel an amazing difference.

    Stacie P.

  • Kevin B

    I came to Atlas for the free Seminar to learn if I could manage or eliminate my pain and stiffness. I had trouble sitting/driving and had difficulty moving after returning home from my job. The staff did wonders to return my flexibility – and greatly decreased the amount of discomfort and pain I was experiencing daily. They also emphasized daily life lessons to lessen my pain and improve mobility. Hopefully through continued work with the new skills learned at Atlas, I will continue to improve. I’m moving better/feeling better. Thanks for everything you’ve done!

    Kevin B.

  • David T

    I came to Atlas PT after months of suffering through chronic pain that was affecting my life. From loss of sleep to hardly being able to walk, I felt like my pain was out of control and only getting worse. Lauren and Sam were quick to diagnose my issues and put me on a treatment plan to recovery. I learned multiple stretches and exercises to help treat myself outside of PT, and while at Atlas, Sam and Lauren used a combination of laser therapy and dry needling, which proved to be the knockout combination! Today, as I write this, I am free from pain and back to being an active Dad to my four young children. Thank you, Atlas!!

    David T.

  • Kevin G

    I was having issues with my right knee after twisting it. For a few weeks after the initial injury, my knee would buckle and give out without warning. This buckling would occur during random tasks and also while standing still. After just a few visits with the staff at Atlas, I stopped having any buckling at all. They were able to provide great information and expertise while I was in the process of regaining my strength. Many thanks to the staff at Atlas Physical Therapy for helping me get back to “normal” and return to work without limitations.

    Kevin G.

  • Paul B

    I am back up to 11,500 steps a day! After my brain surgery in January, I was astounded by how quickly my muscles had deteriorated. 12 days in the critical care wing at BWMC left me in a bit of a sad physical state. Atlas has helped me return to a physical fitness state where I am back up to 11,500 steps a day, and I am almost back to running! Laura and the team have helped me return to a physical lifestyle at a reasonable rate!

    Paul B.

  • Pam C

    It’s a miracle! I had pain, numbness, and tingling in my foot off and on for 5 years. Therapy has gotten my foot straightened out. I am feeling better, taking my dog for her walks everyday! The ice compression machine and home exercises were wonderful! I am so happy. I’m sleeping better and have a plan to take care of myself!

    Pam C.

  • Collette H

    I was unable to sit/stand for more than 30 minutes at a time, or walk any distance. I was afraid to go up and down stairs carrying my grandchild (approx 18 lbs.). Pain made me not want to do anything at the end of a workday except go home and get in the bed. After PT, I went bowling and had no pain at all in my back and shoulders. Shot hoops with my grandson this past weekend, and I am able to stand for more than 30 minutes at a time with no pain, stiffness or discomfort. No more leg numbness!!!

    Colette H.

  • Robbie R

    When I first came to PT, I didn’t have much pain but had a lot of stiffness in my right shoulder, all of which has dissipated. I am now able to turn my head from side to side with no restrictions, and all pain and stiffness in my right shoulder blade has gone away. I am looking forward to getting back to golfing.

    Robbie R.

  • Uma S

    This is a good place. I felt so much better than I had at other places. The personal attention is so good, and the physical therapists sit in your room and help you with your exercises. I could not put my socks and shoes on by myself, but now I have no trouble doing that. I can take a shower and get ready by myself. Thank you to Atlas Physical Therapy. Becky is a nice girl. She always takes me to my car. May God bless her.

    Uma S.

  • Steve S

    The staff at Atlas has been a great help to my recovery from surgery. Before PT I had issues with lifting and holding weight, but I now feel more confident in doing all my normal activities. The trouble with pain and motion has been eliminated. Thank you Atlas!

    Stephen S.

  • Connie C

    This past summer I fell and broke my ankle. I also developed plantar fasciitis. My pain level was high, and I had to stop some of my daily activities, even after the break had healed. My PT experience was wonderful – supportive, caring, and challenging to the right degree. My pain level is zero now. I am back to the gym and all my daily activities. I highly recommend Atlas PT and the excellent staff there.

    Connie C.

  • Jen K

    When I first started, I could barely walk without pain. I am a stay at home mom of 2 under 4 years old. It was impossible to pick up my baby, or even bend to put shoes on. Since working with Atlas, I’ve gotten my mobility back. Not only can I keep up with my 2 littles, but I’ve started babysitting an infant as well. It has been like night and day since I first stepped foot in here. I can’t thank Laura and the Atlas team enough for helping me “move” again.

    Jen K.

  • Ryan D Physical therapist

    Before starting my PT at Atlas, I must admit I was skeptical. I could barely walk; I couldn’t lift anything; and I even had trouble lying down. I was sure that I was on the fast track to having back surgery at age 23. Instead, the exact opposite happened. With Megan’s help, and the exercises she recommended, I am able to do everything that I could not do pre-PT, and with no pain. Now I feel better than ever.

    Ryan D.

  • Patricia G

    Before PT, getting out of the car and stepping up on the curb were challenging. Standing and walking for more than five minutes was challenging too. No difficulties anymore!

    Pat G.

  • Josh S

    All I wanted was to be able to play with my kids, pain free, and coming here has helped me do that and live a more pain free life. This place is way better than Pivot.

    Josh S.

  • Marianna P

    My first visit was an evaluation, and Laura was very thorough. I’ve had problems with my knees for 3 years: problems standing, sitting for any length of time over 15 minutes, kneeling, getting on the floor with grandchildren, or even walking with the grandbabies. After 2 sessions working with Laura and Danielle, I was able to kneel in church for the first time in 3 years. I also went up and down the stairs without putting two feet on a step at a time. I was so excited that I called the center to tell them of my progress. Two sessions, and I’m feeling so good! Thank you!

    Marianna P.

  • Drew T

    My experience with Atlas has been remarkable. Things that I used to do and could not do, I am now able to do. As one example, I came in with back spasms and thought that I could not do physical therapy. But, after Laura worked with me for 1 ½ hours, I walked out feeling great. No spasms! I was amazed. I also wasn’t able to put on my socks or shoes, but I have no problem now. I would definitely recommend Atlas to anyone needing physical therapy. Thank you.

    Drew T.

  • Linda P

    I was referred to Atlas PT by Dr. Liang, who strongly suggested PT for my neck and lower back pain. I am so grateful for this experience. The PT has greatly reduced the pain, and I no longer require any medication. The entire staff at Atlas PT has been extremely helpful and professional. I would strongly recommend Atlas to anyone experiencing any type of pain.

    Linda P.

  • Josh R

    My experience with Atlas was fantastic, and I have told everyone how great the staff was. I came in with lower back/hip flexor pain; I couldn’t run long distance, do certain workouts, or sit for long periods of time. After 1 month of PT, I am able to run more, weight train, and sit without pain. I will continue to recommend others to Atlas for their physical therapy needs!

    Josh R.

  • Erin B

    When I came to PT I had just come off crutches and was not able to walk or stand for long stretches of time. I was frequently ‘tweaking’ my hip injury, and the pain would last for days afterward. I also had a fair amount of difficulty getting in and out of the car. As I progressed, I was able to walk longer and longer distances with less pain. Laura developed some techniques to help me get in and out of bed and the car more easily. Towards the end of treatment, I began running for short distances on the treadmill using a graduated progression. I am now able to run for almost 30 minutes straight (about a 5K). Although I still have occasional pain, it is much less intense and quickly disappears. I am confident that I will make a full return to the activities I was doing before surgery.

    Erin B.

  • Alfredo C

    I came to Atlas due to a back injury. I couldn’t even walk. Through a lot of patience, care and dedication, Laura had me walking again. They are compassionate, dedicated folks who truly love what they do. All of the staff members are like friends and family. I highly recommend this practice.

    Alfredo C.