Noah Donovan, Physical Therapy Technician

I have lived in Severn, Maryland my entire life. Although I did attend private school through middle school, I was homeschooled while in the dual-credit program at AACC through most of highschool. I graduated through the Anne Arundel Homeschool Association.

Being the fourth youngest of 5 siblings, I’ve definitely been exposed to plenty of different hobbies. Throughout my childhood, I had a deep interest in planes and other aircrafts, so I enjoyed making model planes and even flying remote-controlled airplanes. Soccer has always been my sport of choice ever since I was a young boy. As of now, I’ve grown to have a passion in weightlifting while dabbling in soccer here and there.

As my passion for weightlifting grew, I came to the realization that the health field is where I want to have a career. After exploring my options, I soon came to realize rehabilitation as a physical therapist was something I was interested in. After becoming a tech here at Atlas, I was sure that this is the field that I want to spend my career in. I am currently in my second year at Anne Arundel Community College, studying Exercise Science. After I get my AA in Exercise Science, I plan on going into the Physical Therapy Assistant program at the community college, while pursuing my ultimate goal of becoming a PT.