Mallory McGee Glen Burnie, MD

Mallory McGee, Front Desk Coordinator

I was born in Baltimore County and have lived in Dundalk my entire life. I attended Dundalk High School as well as Sollers Point Technical School. My schooling days have been nothing but busy. Ever since I was in elementary school I have done everything extra circular. During high school I played volleyball, and softball being the captain of both teams, I truly love volleyball and have an extreme passion for the game. While in high school my grandmother was in and out of the hospital and it was a difficult time for the family but being there every day after school made me really appreciate the medical industry. When I found out I could go to Dundalk High School but also attend a second school to get my Certified Nursing Assistant license I was all in. Attending two schools made life difficult because it involved a year of summer school to get all my credits required to graduate, but I was dead set on working in a hospital to help people like my grandmother. I graduated in 2016 from both schools and started my internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. During the internship it made me realize I wasn’t cut out to be a nurse and it made me have a new-found love for nurses who do their jobs every day.

After I graduated I realized I still wanted to help people heal, just maybe not in a hospital setting. One month after I graduated I started massage school, it was a short program, but I did receive my massage license and worked as a massage therapist for a couple months. I began working my first job as front desk coordinator while I attended massage school and worked in that position for a year before moving to the back of the facility to massage. It was beneficial for me to know the ins and outs of the company working the front and then working in the back and becoming the boss of my own schedule. I soon realized the culture wasn’t a good match, I loved the new skills I had learned, but was ready for a change. So, I began job searching and it led me right here to Atlas!! I’m so glad to be a part of a company I truly stand behind. I’ve been to physical therapy two times before with two separate companies and nothing compares to Atlas. Their mentality and the pride they take in educating and going the extra mile for their clients is nothing I have ever seen before.

Outside of work I love going to the gym, not as much to work out but I love to tan. It may not be good for you but it’s something I enjoy, and I don’t go every day, maybe once a week. Other than that, I love spending time with my family. During the summer we spend Sunday’s with my grandparents eating delicious crabs! Most of my time is spent with my adorable 1-year-old puppy Rocky, who’s my world! He’s crazy and bad to the bone but I still love him. He loves long walks on the beach… just kidding, but he does love walks! He has a lot of energy and it’s hard for him to relax, so we are always on the go!

Other than that, I love coming to Atlas, the environment is one of a kind, no matter the mood everyone puts a smile on your face!