Jessica Torgerson, Front Desk Coordinator

I was born in Heidleberg, Germany.  My father, at the time, was active duty serving in the United States Army (HOOAH!). I have lived in Georgia, New York, Kansas, Texas and Virginia.  If I had to pick a “hometown” it would be White Bear Lake, Minnesota.  This is where my father grew up and where most of my family still lived.  I am a diehard Vikings fan and enjoy a good Caps game.  I graduated from George Mason University in 2011 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Health Administration and Policy.  I have worked with Orthopaedic doctors and physical therapists since enjoying the visible results of your patient’s getting better.

One day driving home from middle school in Texas, my mother asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up. I was 8 years old at the time and told her I wanted to be a nurse and make people feel better.  I enjoyed watching Trama: Life in the ER every morning while eating Cheerios. Whelp…Nursing school was not for me!  But in the process of taking my nursing classes, I learned about the “other side of medicine” (i.e. administration and support staffing).  Fate took over from that point and lead me my now degree and learning about insurance companies and policies, administrative duties, managing a business and the legalities of medicine (federal and state legislature).

Six years ago, I met my husband on eHarmony while still living in Virginia.  I would commute between Virginia and Maryland for four years staying with my husband in Maryland while still keeping my job in Virginia.  The 4-hour commute days made me realize that my life was now in Maryland.  I moved from Northern Virginia to Anne Arundel County and have not looked back.  I enjoy the area and people.  While I can’t call myself a Marylander yet, I am working hard on trying to becoming one. In October 2017, I married my best friend in Woodbine on a local farm surrounded by our family and friends and the wonderful colors of Maryland fall.  We moved into an apartment in Baltimore to save money and are working towards becoming home owners and starting a family.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading romance novels, playing with my Tuxedo Tabby Oreo, watching Hulu/Netflix and spending time with friends/family.  I look forward to starting a family with my husband and enjoying all that Maryland has brought to me.  I look forward to helping people in this community, becoming a part of the Atlas Family and helping more people get better.