Jake Sanner Glen Burnie, MD

Jake Sanner, SPT

I live locally in Pasadena with my wife and dog Daisy, a lab chow-chow mix (chowbrador), in a little house on the Magothy River. I graduated from Chesapeake High School in 2011 and Towson University in 2015 and entering class of 2021 of University of Maryland Baltimore. I have been accepted into the University of Maryland Baltimore’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and start in June of 2018. It will be so nice attending PT school in Maryland and not having to uproot my family and move to a different state. I have aspirations to one-day work at Atlas as a Physical Therapist to offer my services as a health professional to our incredible patient body. Physical Therapy has intrigued me since I first shadowed Laura when I was in 8th grade and have been diligently working toward that goal ever since. I have such a fortunate privilege working with such amazing Therapists at Atlas that it keeps my love for the profession alive and is a constant reminder of why this field is my true calling. I am most excited to see all the different demographics that a Physical Therapist can work while in school. Right now, working in the office setting interests me most, but I am excited to discover a new passion that I can bring to Atlas.

In my spare time, I enjoy working my vegetable and flower gardens with my companion, Daisy, and cycling on the B&A Trail on the weekends with my wife, Rachel. Gardening is a hobby that was passed down from my grandmother. I can remember picking tomatoes and pumpkins and being amazed! I figured I should start working out the kinks before I have kids of my own someday. I want them to be impressed and amazed just as I was as a little kid! I try to vary what I grow every year and keep a journal of what did well and what did not. I have mastered the cherry tomato, but my spaghetti squash attempt was a failure. This year eggplant is on the list which will help facilitate our new plant-based diet and will make grocery bills a bit lighter!

Cycling is my favorite means to exercise. I was first introduced to it 2 years ago and have not looked back. It has been my first means of exercise that I actually enjoy. I never believed those fitness junkies that said, “Exercise makes me feel better!” until I started cycling. It truly has enhanced the quality of my life and I hope it will help me live a longer healthier one! If you’re ever on the B&A Trail on Saturday mornings, you might catch my car there!

I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy sharing new pieces of information I have learned in my studies and even the occasional fresh veggie from my garden with our patients and friends at Atlas. My family and friends are the foundation of my life and I spend as much time with them as possible. After I graduate PT school and my wife finishes her Master’s Degree, we plan on starting a family of our own! We plan on staying in the area to raise our family, but who knows where our professional careers will take us, but as long as our family stays local (or at least on the East Coast) I don’t see us going anywhere! From holidays, to barbeques, or even the Sunday night Game of Throne premier, I am a proud husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin and nephew and cherish everyday with everyone.