Dr. Lauren Arihood Glen Burnie, MD

Dr. Lauren Arihood, PT, DPT, CMTPT

I was born in Philadelphia and moved to Baltimore in Aug 2017. I received my Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from Saint Joseph’s University in 2004. I then went on to obtain my Master’s of Science Degree in Forensic Biology from the State University of New York-University at Albany. Prior to becoming a physical therapist, I was a forensic scientist for almost ten years. I mainly worked on obtaining DNA evidence from remains and crime scene samples. Despite this glamorous lifestyle, as portrayed on numerous television shows, I decided it was time to make a change.

After several stints in physical therapy and due to my love of analyzing movement patterns and physical fitness, I decided to go back to school and obtained my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from George Washington University in 2016. I began my career as an outpatient therapist in San Antonio, TX. Both there and at Atlas Physical Therapy I treat orthopedic conditions, gait abnormalities, as well as provide vestibular rehabilitation. I have advanced training in manual, hands on techniques, that I utilize with all patients. I enjoy continuing education opportunities that involve manual therapy, including joint manipulation. I am a firm believer in manual therapy and believe that manual therapy, along with skilled corrective exercises, is the way to recovery. I obtained my certification in May 2018 in Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, which allows me to perform trigger point dry needling on patients with chronic pain, headaches/migraines, low back, neck, shoulder, and jaw pain just to name a few.

Outside of physical therapy I enjoy spending time with my husband Brent and our two dogs, Paddington and Nymeria. I am a military wife and have enjoyed meeting people of all different walks of life in the various places where we have lived. That being said, I am very proud to be from Philadelphia and am a huge Philadelphia sports fan! As you can imagine, I was beyond ecstatic when the Eagles won the Super Bowl this year! People call me crazy but one of the best days of my life! Overall though I love sports and can talk sports with the best of them.

I also am a fitness enthusiast and participate in many different forms of physical fitness. I currently participate in heart rate training and weight lifting. I firmly believe the way to minimize injuries is to lead an active lifestyle. I enjoy working with patients who are either fitness enthusiasts or trying to slowly get into a workout routine. I love analyzing movement patterns and often gym injuries are sustained when performing an exercise incorrectly. I find it very enjoyable to correct 1-2 ways a patient is doing an exercise and the benefit is almost immediately apparent.

It’s a pleasure being part of such a great team at Atlas Physical Therapy. I love the personal attention that is given to our patients and I am glad to be a part of it!