Physical Therapy Technician

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ROCKSTAR Physical Therapy Technician!

Do you LOVE helping people achieve their goals?

Are you a super motivated, detail oriented, a people person and a problem solver?

Are you energized in a service-oriented, customer-focused environment?

If you answered YES to the above, please read on…

We’re looking for a Rockstar Front Desk & Physical Therapy Technician to add to our team.

… and if you’ve seen a post like this before, that’s because we’re hiring again… If you’re interested keep reading

We run a ridiculously fast-growing business that offers outpatient physical therapy to a wide array of patients. We see everything under the sun from feet, hands, shoulder, and backs.

The team is based out of Glen Burnie MD near Baltimore Washington Medical Center.

We get stuff done, change lives, and value our patients first and foremost.

We deliver an awesome product and are doing a very very amazing job at getting people well again and giving them an experience they’ve never had in the medical industry before which has allowed us to grow really fast.

But, because of all the growth, we need someone that understands the true definition of Customer Service. This is where you come in…

This is for YOU if…

  • You genuinely LOVE helping people!
  • You’re passionate about customer success and genuinely like helping people
  • You’re comfortable communicating face to face with patients
  • You love to solve problems
  • Process driven and like to figure things out, then automate them with software or other people…
  • You know metrics & thrive off hitting goals
  • You get stuff done. Implement. And do so with minimal direction, doing a lot of your own research to find the best way to solve the problem at hand.

This is NOT for you if…

  •  You like helping people, but it’s not what truly motivates you…
  • You’re an “idea” person and don’t enjoy implementing and getting stuff done as much as coming up with ideas…
  • You get overwhelmed with lots of stuff going on…
  •  You don’t like to create structure and processes for yourself

About our team…

  • We help patients in an outpatient setting to achieve their goals to get back to a specific quality of life doing the things they love.
  • We believe that our practice provides a real alternative to expensive and invasive medical treatments for our patients.
  • The current healthcare environment does NOT provide quality care to patients anymore, we are doing things the right way to benefit our patients.

We all share wins and losses together and value the qualities associated with teamwork and personal development.

What you’ll be doing…

  • You’ll be working directly with patients as they progress through their physical therapy plan of care.
  • You will conduct intake calls and work with patients to provide a seamless transition from a call to scheduling their first appointment with us.
  • You will assist patients on how to get the most out of their care within our practice in a way it elevates the desired outcome and enhances the overall patient experience.
  • You will focus on keeping our patients engaged
  • You will help to run different marketing campaigns.
  • You will champion patients’ needs internally and influence care delivery, new product offerings, and our overall patient success strategy. This includes ensuring all questions are answered, whether support, billing or program related.
  • You will be proactive and goal oriented, develop a deep understanding of patients needs to elevate yourself to our patient’s most trusted advisor.
  • You will handle insurance authorization and become an advocate to getting the patient the care they deserve.
  • You will take pride in our practice inside and out and keep it presentable, welcoming, and a place for patients to feel comfortable with zero stress
  • You demonstrate the ability to work as a team player, yet work independently and be productive. Be prepared to act quickly and have a high level of flexibility in a forward-thinking ever-changing practice environment.

What’s in it for you?

  • You get to make a difference in the lives of patients who are doing awesome things to help themselves live a better life
  • You get to be part of a dynamic fun team and you will learn a ton really fast…
  • Unlike in the corporate world, your opinion actually counts – you will get to design and implement solutions with no BS.
  • You can work flexible hours to fit around the practice’s needs.

If that sounds awesome, here is what to do next…

There’s a pretty extensive hiring process for this position… I’ll be asking a lot of tough questions that will take a good amount of time to answer…but I promise, you’ll likely learn some cool stuff in the process. If you’re serious about this my advice is to pay close attention to the details.