When an individual goes to sleep, there are many things that are occurring. Sleep patterns including, REM sleep and other layers of sleep and wakefulness, poor sleeping positions, and restlessness. All of these can cause issues with your physical and mental health. Having problems with sleep, feeling exhausted, tired, stiff, and painful, even after a solid 8 hours can indicate many things, possibly stress or physical ailments. One way to combat this is to train yourself to sleep a certain way so you do not further hurt yourself and attend physical therapy. One great product to help aid in this endeavor, is the weighted blanket. A blanket that is intended to weigh 15 percent of your body weight and help you sleep on your back or stomach. The purpose of the blanket is to apply deep touch pressure stimulation (DTPS). This phenomenon is known for the stress relief, pain reduction, and reduced medication dependencies. This is known as the calming effects of a hug.

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