Thanksgiving is a time for sharing memories with family, feasting on delicious food, and enjoying the day off from school or work. Then the day after arrives and not only did that turkey go to your belly, it seems to have gone to your back!

What some people might not realize is the toll that Thanksgiving prep takes on your back. Most people who host the big meal start prepping two days before the actual meal. This involves a lot of lifting, bending, hunched over chopping and time on your feet. Here are some tips to protect your back during the busy Thanksgiving preparation!


1.Wear good shoes while preparing the meal. Shoes that give you good support will give your back the support it needs for those long stretches on your feet.


2.When bending over or lifting heavy items (like the turkey!), be sure to bend at the knees rather than bending from the waist. That will take some of the strain off your lower back.


3.Take a break!! Sit down and rest for 15 minutes in between all that cleaning and cooking. It will all get done! Save your energy for all the socializing you will be doing later.


4.Ice is your friend! After a long day put some ice on your low back. Even if it doesn’t hurt, ice pushes out inflammation which might make you uncomfortable following a day of lifting and bending. It is a nice preventative measure to make the day after clean up, (and shopping?) a little easier!


Happy Thanksgiving from Atlas Physical Therapy

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