Was your New Year’s Resolution to ditch the cigarettes for good? KEEP GOING! Smoking is one of the few controllable risk factors for some of the worst diseases. If you are looking for more reasons to keep the fight alive, here are some:

Why Should I Stop Smoking?

  • Smoking doubles the risk for stroke
  • Tobacco smoke contains 7,000 toxic chemicals
  • Tobacco use reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood
    • Your heart works harder to adequately supply the body with needed O2
      • Increased risk for blood clots
    • Smoking causes thickening of blood vessels and buildup of plaque
      • This decreases flow to the brain, increasing risk of stroke
    • Increases triglycerides in bloodstream
    • Causes blood to become thicker
      • Increased chance for a blood clot to form
    • Smoking Constricts all blood vessels, Decreasing oxygen to brain and spine
      • Increases pain and Decreases healing

Quick Facts:


  • 8 hours: oxygen levels return too normal. Carbon monoxide levels decrease by 50%
  • 48 hours: sense of taste and smell improve dramatically
  • 72 hours: energy level increases and breathing becomes less taxing
  • 3-9 months: lung function increases by 10%. Coughing and wheezing subsides
  • 1 year: risk of heart attack decreases by 50% compared to when you were a smoker
  • 5 years: risk of stroke is that of a nonsmoker
  • 10 years: risk of lung cancer decreases by 50% of that of a smoker
  • 15 years: risk of heart attack is that of a nonsmoker

What Are Tips For Quitting?

  • Set a date to quit and STICK to it!
    • Prepare for your quit date by eliminating temptations (cigarettes, lighters, etc.)
  • Avoid other smokers
  • Make your plan to quit known by all around you
    • Sometimes others can keep the drive alive when you are having a hard day
  • Discuss with your doctor possible nicotine replacement therapy
    • There are patches and medication designed to help elevate the cravings
  • Consider other methods specific to you need to quit (hypnotism, hobbies, etc.)


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