October is such a significant month for many changes in the year. The leaves begin to change, the weather cools off, and we welcome a new season. If you ask our Physical Therapist Laura, she will tell you October is for prepping her family’s costumes and gearing up for a fun night of trick-or-treating with her girls.


Laura, our Physical Therapist (right) and T.J. (co-owner, left) and their girls on a past Halloween.

October is for another major change, a campaign to change this country’s increasing usage of opioid based medicines to manage and treat pain. The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) has launched a campaign, Move Forward #ChoosePT, to raise awareness of the health risks of using or abusing prescribed opioids like Vicodin, OxyContin, Opana, methodone, and Percocet to treat the symptoms of pain. The APTA is urging those who are suffering from pain to not simply “mask the pain, treat it” through the use of nonopioid based treatment like Physical Therapy.

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Their Move Forward campaign in conjunction with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) provides a guide and tools for success to help those who are suffering with pain and perhaps those suffering with addiction. If you or someone you know is suffering with pain and are unable to manage on your own and is effecting your life, we ask, on behalf of The American Physical Therapy Association to #ChoosePT.

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