Did you know that if you or a loved one is on Medicare you are entitled to FREE Physical Therapy every year?  Probably not, but you are.

Every member of medicare is eligible to receive $1960 of combined Physical & Speech Therapy every year.  This of course applies to cases of medical necessity.  However, the definition medical necessity might surprise you. It means preventing, minimizing, or eliminating impairments, activity limitations, or participation restrictions.

If you are experiencing pain during daily activities = medical necessity.

If you aren’t able to sleep because of a physical ailment = medical necessity.

If you aren’t able to care for yourself = medical necessity.

If you are at risk of a fall or have fallen in the last year = medical necessity.

The list goes on and on.  We have presented at local senior centers and many seniors are astonished about having this benefit.  Most of them let it go to waste because PT wasn’t prescribed or recommended by their primary care physician (PCP).  It is an old myth that PT must be prescribed by a PCP, Medicare members can in fact self refer themselves to PT.

You have worked hard for your benefits your entire life. Don’t let them go unused every year.  Be the voice to help seniors live longer, healthier lives.

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