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If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please feel free to contact our office by phone at 410-762-2124 or email. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

  • Do I need a physician’s referral/prescription?

    This varies depending on insurance. We keep an updated list of carriers who do require a referral and/or prescription prior to your therapy evaluation. When you call to schedule an appointment, we will inform you what is needed and will help obtain any necessary paperwork. Maryland is a Direct Access state- if you do not have insurance or choose not to use your insurance you may be seen for an evaluation without a physician referral.

  • What should I expect during my first visit?

    The physical therapist will perform a thorough evaluation lasting approximately 45-60 minutes. This includes medical history, musculoskeletal screening, postural assessment, and tests and measures to gain a more specific understanding of your condition. Your therapist will use the information obtained to formulate a treatment plan that fits your schedule and needs to get you better as quickly as possible.

  • What type of treatments will I receive?

    Treatments generally include therapeutic exercise, functional training in sport, work, or home-related tasks, hands-on therapy techniques, biomechanical and postural re-education, ergonomic analysis and pain control modalities if needed. We include coordination among all people involved in your care (other health care professionals, family, friends, and caregivers) by using thorough documentation and thoughtful communication.

  • Are the treatments private?

    Yes. We have several private treatment rooms with doors as well as an open gym. Your privacy and comfort is our highest priority.

  • What is the weight capacity of your equipment?
    • 900 Electric hi-lo treatment mat table
    • 600 Waiting room and gym chairs
    • 400 Cardio exercise equipment
  • How long does a visit last?

    The initial evaluation will last about 45-60 minutes. Follow-up appointments can vary in length and are dependent on the type of injury and the level of rehabilitation required. Usually the average follow-up appointment will last 60 minutes and could vary anywhere from 30-90 minutes.

  • How do I know if physical therapy is helping?

    You will be re-evaluated every 30 days. Additionally, we will re-assess your progress and need for therapy prior to any follow-up appointments scheduled with your referring physician. The original tests and measures will be performed and compared to your prior status to determine improvements. Continuation of your therapy will be dependent upon the results of your re-evaluation, insurance authorization, and physician approval. All re-evaluations will be sent to your referring physician prior to your follow-up consultation so that they can review your progress.

  • What happens when therapy is over?

    A maintenance plan is beneficial to all patients upon discharge from their formal Physical Therapy program. You will be advised and issued handouts so there is no confusion on how to best maintain your gains and prevent or calm flare-ups. Atlas also offers a Maintenance Program for a small fee where you can use our facility for a friendly, therapist-supervised gym to exercise.

  • Can I talk to my doctor about physical therapy?

    Yes! If you have a problem that you think physical therapy could help, feel free to give us a call. After discussing the specific problem, we can give you a better idea if it is something that is manageable with physical therapy. You can also give your doctor a call. They are welcome to contact us to discuss therapy options, or we could reach out to your doctor on your behalf. If you feel physical therapy could help you, be your own advocate and ask your doctor for a prescription for therapy.

  • Why should I choose physical therapy?

    Conservative measures are gentler to your body. In physical therapy the goals are to resolve your problem, not just temporarily relieve it. Your physician may opt to utilize medication in conjunction with physical therapy depending on your diagnosis. For those considering surgery to address a chronic condition, therapy can provide the patient and surgeon with valuable data about whether conservative measures are enough to solve your problem. Physical Therapy is also proven to speed progress after surgery.

  • Does health insurance cover physical therapy?

    Generally yes, most insurance companies do cover physical therapy, what they cover specifically varies greatly. We are happy to get you all of these answers and research it on your behalf.

  • What does physical therapy cost?

    Prior to your first visit, we will contact your insurance carrier (commercial, Medicare, worker’s comp, etc.) to discover what therapy benefits are available to you. As a courtesy to our clients we conduct this thorough benefit review on your behalf. When you arrive for your first visit, you will review in writing the benefits we have obtained including any patient responsibility that you may have and we will answer any questions. Payments for co-pays are due at the time of service, if applicable. You are encouraged to check our work by calling the Member Benefits phone number on your insurance card.

  • How can receiving physical therapy save me money?
  • How do I make an appointment?

    Call or email us! Our office staff will get all the necessary information from you and schedule an evaluation. Same-day appointments are available and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will feel better. As time allows, please arrive 30 minutes early for your first appointment, or 10 minutes early if you have already completed your new patient paperwork.

  • What do I bring for the first visit?
    • Physician’s prescription and/or referral for therapy, if applicable.
    • Health insurance card(s).
    • Photo ID.
    • Current medication list, typed or written.
    • Pertinent medical reports, x-rays, etc.
    • Completed new patient paperwork.
    • A written list of questions for your therapist, if applicable.
    • Dress in comfortable clothing that you can exercise in.
    • Any brace, splint, or assistive device to review appropriateness, fit and use.
  • Is there transportation available?
    • MTA Bus, Route 14 has a stop 300 feet from our front door. Route 14 starts in Annapolis, includes a stop in front of Baltimore Washington Medical Center, and goes to the Patapsco Light Rail Station in Lansdowne - Baltimore Highlands, Halethorpe and vise versa. http://mta.maryland.gov/local-bus
      Phone: 877-690-5516
  • What is my role as a patient?

    Come to your scheduled sessions. Active participation gets you better faster and is vital to a successful rehabilitation experience. Experience has taught us and research shows that the more consistent or compliant you are with your treatment regimen, the better chance you have of making a full recovery. Be honest with your therapist about pain relief or pain flares during and after your sessions. Every visit will vary from previous visits, if there are any hands-on techniques or exercises that you liked or didn’t like, tell us so we can alter your treatment to best suit you.