Did you know that if you or a loved one is on Medicare you are entitled to FREE Physical Therapy every year?  Probably not, but you are. Every member of medicare is eligible to receive $1960 of combined Physical & Speech Therapy every year.  This of course applies to cases of medical necessity.  However, the [...]

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Meet Your Physical Therapist

Meet your Therapist & Owner, Dr. Laura Sanner I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science and played club sports at the University of Pittsburgh (2004). My Doctor of Physical Therapy degree was then earned from the number one program in the nation, the University of Delaware (2006). I was born in Glen [...]

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Shin Splint Prevention

For shin splints there's no quick fix, so prevention is key! Ankle mechanics are an important factor in pain prevention, check out this week's ‪#‎movemonday‬ for some easy at home tips and exercises! Share or tag any runners you may know!

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