Becoming pregnant is such happy news for so many mothers-to-be and family members. The joy and happiness that this child is going to bring you and your family is always on your mind, especially as your belly grows and the due date rapidly approaches. There is only one problem, as your baby and belly grow, the pain in your lower back can grow just as rapidly!
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Low back pain is very common in pregnant women and is completely normal to experience, especially during the second and third trimester. As the due date approaches, your body releases hormones to relax ligaments that keep the pelvis aligned. Your pelvis will shift in response to the hormones and can cause discomfort in the lower back. The pain is most likely due to the body’s natural way of prepping you for the birthing process.

Physical Therapy is a great resource for those experiencing back pain due to pregnancy. Your Physical Therapist will help isolate where and why the pain is occurring in your individual case. It could be that your pelvis is shifted, and they can show you some exercises and stretches to help relax some of those strained muscles that are working harder and causing the pain. Or it might be as simple as the shoes that you have always worn are now not the right fit because your center of gravity has changed due to your growing belly. If you or someone you know is suffering with back pain, contact us for our free tips on how to handle this pain.


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